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Bioenergotheraphy and Massage












Depending on the cause of the existing dysfunction (trauma, overload or disease within the joint, muscle, neuralgia) the primary goal of the therapies is to eliminate the pain

and minimise the effects of possible discomfort. The next step is to rebuild and strengthen the functions of the motor, nervous or muscular system, that have been lost or affected.

In the course of the natural treatment I use different therapeutic techniques and sequences that are most appropriate at the specific stage of the therapy.

Therapies provide relief and recovery in ailments and conditions such as:

  • chronic pain and post-injury pain of locomotor system – muscular, fascial, joints and of other origins – rheumatism, sciatica, degenerative disc and spine diseases.

  • cold hands or feet– numbness, tingling, swelling
  • enhances circulation and metabolism – obesity, constipation, diabetes

  • stress release – insomnia
  • relaxing your body is improving your well-being







Medical treatments are not an excuse to skip a doctor appointment or to avoid diagnostic or periodic examinations. I always support very close cooperation with the patient’s main doctor. I provide enhancing therapies to be performed before medical procedures and operations and as an assisting treatment during recovering.

Accelerating the healing of wounded skin, post-surgical wounds and post-traumatic injuries, fractures in the bone tissue, possible to be performed through the plaster cast, bandage or orthosis.

Better flow of blood, lymph and osmotic fluid in the affected area quickly regenerates the body and offers remarkable benefits in terms of pain and swelling reduction.

Eliminates the itching occurring in the area where the immobilising bandages have been applied and speeds up the process of restoring mobility of the joints.

Therapies support detoxification – cleansing the body of harmful toxins. Oxygenated body and mind, improves the work of internal organs and regenerates them.



The therapy may help you in:


  • Deep relaxation of the muscles
  • Enhancement of immunological system
  • Detoxification

  • Augmentation of your Energy and strength
  • Releasing tension and blockades
  • Enhancement of metabolism

  • Relieving physical pain
  • Regulation of improper blood circulation
  • Lowering the blood pressure



Additionally, the therapy is beneficial to all other systems (eg. digestive, circulatory, gland, lymphatic, cardiovascular). The energy flow throughout the body is improved, activating the cells, leading to deep relaxation. The harmony of functioning of atoms, molecules, cells, tissues and organs is enhanced.



Price List





  • system of healing and ameliorating locomotor system
  • with carefully selected technique I will motivate your body to heal itself
60 minutes £ 120

VIBRATIVE ACCUPRESSURE AND ACUPUNCTURE – performed with medical tuning forks 

  • natural sound wave is non-invasive and extremely effective
60 minutes £ 140
MAGNETOTHERAPY a very effective physical method for the treatment, rehabilitation and biological restoration.
Medical magnets used to create the magnetic field can also be purchased.
30 minutes £ 80
CHROMATHERAPY with polarized light BIOPTRON ZEPTER and COLOUR THERAPY with the use of Swiss therapeutic lamp BIOPTRON AG, which naturally improves the regenerative abilities of the body, and releases its own healing potential.
Enhances the bio stimulation process, stimulates biological processes in the body.
30 minutes £ 60
THERAPEUTIC DOWSING – healing with the use of dowsing methods – restoring the harmony of energy in the body. 60 minutes £ 120

COUNSELING AND CONSULTATION in selecting the most effective methods of protection by: 

  • natural anti-radiation devices: personal and for mobile phones, computers, TV
  • orgonites to protect from the negative energy of electromagnetic nature, deriving from water courses or enviroment’s radiation
  • air purifiers – for apartments, offices, cars
  • water ionizers
  • air ozonators
  • They can be ordered and purchased in the clinic or by mail or courier.
20 minutes £ 40
HEALTHY EATING – supplementation, macrobiotics, vitamins, minerals, cleansing the body of toxins. 30 minutes £ 60
MOLECULAR HYDROGEN THERAPY – natural method of curing direct from Japan, supported by medical research.
Hydrogen inhalation brings relief in over 170 ailment, its effectiveness is described in over 1500 medical articles.
Hydrogen cures – molecular hydrogen is considered as potential cure for various kinds of illness f.e. heart disseases, diabetes, neuro-degenerative illnesses, skin problems, inflammations, obesity, asthma, pneumonia, bronchitis and chronic tiredness. As addition, molecular hydrogen has antioxidant properties.
Antioxidants are substances that reduce free radicals, that could lead to DNA destruction and cause developing disseases like cancer, heart problems and neuro-degenerative illnesses.
30 minutes £ 60
GROUNDING – connect back with earth. Grounding is described as electric connection with earth. Growing number of medical studies are showing that physical connection of our body with the ground has possitive effect on our health. 30 minutes £ 40



I invite all of you who want to take care of Their health in a natural way.



Especially those who live in chronic stress, work hard, carry out a demanding lifestyle, have hormonal problems and chronic somatic complaints. With a natural sound wave in a non-invasive and extremely effective way I restore health via the body’s defensive system, that reinforces your life energy.



Many years ago the adventure of my lifetime began – vocation and the biggest passion for:

  • Othopaedic Technology – with biomechanics, orthotics, orthopodology and prosthetics of locomotor system.
  • Natural Medicine – especially Eastern medicine, including the diagnosis and nutrition according to the method of the Five Elements and the Theory of the Five Elements.

I constantly train and widen my knowledge in those fields.

Mirosław Kondracki

Master of Bioenergotherapy
Master Technician Orthopedist
Certified Cell Music-therapist
Masseur, Manual Therapist
Certified Dowser


Najnowsze Informacje Polub Nas
Rejestracja Pacjentów Informacje Polskie Kliniki
Top Medical Clinic
07483 401 764
Top Medical Clinic
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Top Medical Clinic
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Gabinet Diagnostyki Stóp i Sylwetki
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